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My name is Chloe Parker and I have a BSc with honours in Sport and Exercise Science a degree which covered; physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, sports analysis, fitness testing analysis, massage and rehabilitation. I also have numerous qualifications in a range of subjects including spinning, manual handling, exercise to music and more. 

I have 10 years experience as a health and fitness professional having worked in a number of gyms and clubs as a personal trainer. Further to this I spent 4 years as a Fitness Advisor to the Fire Service in Edinburgh.

My personal training experience has covered a wide range of people with different backgrounds; business men, mothers, bodybuilders, runners and more. This has given me experience training new comers to exercise along with dedicated sports people.

Working for the Fire Service was rewarding encompassing all aspects required for personal training. This involved fitness training the Fire fighters, educating them on nutrition, first aid, core stability, manual handling, performing regular fitness tests and providing personal rehabilitation programs. Although people usually have a stereotypical image of fire fighters, they represent a slice of the general population. They are just like you and me. In the fire service I also worked in recruitment, guiding members of the public to prepare themselves for the entrance fitness tests in order to become a fire fighter.  For some, the help and guidance I provided meant the difference between becoming a fire fighter or not. 

These experiences combined mean that I have the knowledge and the background, but more importantly, the practical tools to get you where you want to be.

I love being active in as many ways as possible!  I love mountain biking, climbing, running, weight lifting, TRXing (of course!), any racquet sport, hiking, canoeing and the occasional arm wrestle.


I have cycled across Israel, Walked the Inca Trail in Peru, Walked in and out of the Colca Canyon, Climbed Volcanoes in Ecuador, canoed through jungles in South America and islands in Thailand and I always end up finding a local gym on holiday!  I love travelling and good food.  I love experimenting with my own diet and trying new things.

Food is a huge part of fitness and health and I hope one day to continue studying Nutrition to offer further services to my clients.  


I love speaking Spanish and learning about languages and cultures.  The world is there to be explored and the fitter we are, the longer we have and the easier it is to explore!


"An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered".

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Group Training - Entrenando en un Grupo

Train with friends for the most economical training on the beach or in a local park. Contact me to organise your group training. 

Entrenando en un grupo de amigos esta la manaera mas economico para hacerlo. En los parques o en la playa, cuando quieres.  Llamame para organizar tu entrenamiento. 

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